Sandi is my go-to person for all my real estate needs.  She helped us purchase our first home and all my family as well as property management issues.  I am glad Sandi is a residential property manager because I can refer even more friends to her and I know they will receive professional and caring service.  Trust Sandi, she goes above an beyond.

LouAnne McKeefery, also shown as a Yelp “filtered” review

Sandi:  Again, thank you so much for all your help! I am so grateful that you are on top of everything, and right there with us every step of the way.  It is so comforting to know you are watching out for us……  I never knew we would need so much hand-holding.  You have been the greatest — even exceeded all the glowing reports we heard from our friends!!
Much love and admiration,
E Naylor

E Naylor

We are tenants that have a great rental record. We had to move from our existing home because it had a pool and we have a small baby. Because of our good credit, we had choices of places to move. Property Management services” answered the phone immediately, showed us the home within a few hours and generally answered all our questions. The experience made it inviting to have them as our managers and not just working with a cold institution.

Amy A

I am writing this letter of reference for Sandi Ohms. Six years ago, I was confronted with having to rent out my Mother’s former residence in Menlo Park. As my father had earlier passed away and my mother was not able to handle her affairs, I retained the services of a local property management firm. After three months of their relative inaction. with the best they could do was a prospective tenant who wanted to rent the house for three months only, I was referred to Sandi, who had the property rented to an excellent tenant within less than a month. She has done an excellent job of property maintenance for me, and when the tenant was transferred to the East Coast two years ago, she again came through promptly, with an excellent tenant. I have every confidence that Sandi will accomplish the same quality property management for you that she has done for me during this time.

Mimi Michelle

Thanks for helping my friend! It was amazing to all of us how you took a home that could not sell through another company for 6 months, spent a little money to fix it up and sold it in 1 week for $35,000 more than the previous asking price!

Lou Anne M

I have been a tenant with the landlord for over 20 years. We have had a great relationship and I really fell like this is my home. would not think of moving any place else plus I love the yard and to garden.

Lori M

We purchased the home as an investment through Sandi Ohms who now is the property manager. It was a short and she now manages the property as a rental. the tenant is the person who lost the home. I was really skeptical but it has worked out in favor for all of us.

Ivan P

Sandi managed my Milpitas property for over 20 year until I moved out of state. I wish I could find someone as good as her in Oregon.

Ken S

Residential Property Management was a Godsend for me!  I have been searching for months for a house to rent, and it has been a huge headache. (You would not believe the conditions of the houses other agents/Landlords showed me **shudder**)  I would not say that I am picky, but I have some minimal standards and requirements (I have a dog).  I found Sandi, explained my needs and she invited me to see a home that she said she felt would be perfect for me.  She was 100% right.  Dog friendly, beautiful property, upgrades throughout, AND the lawns are maintained by a gardener. The office is great with small personal touches that mean EVERYTHING.  I love showing off my new place, and am recommending RPM to friends. AS SEEN ON ANOTHER “YELP FILTERED REVIEW”
Emanda C

Sandi saved us!
A true professional!
We were sorely in need of a property manager and a friend referred us to Sandi! Our previous property management company really failed and left us ” in the lurch”.
Sandi came in a turned the property around! Our previous tenants had done some damage- Sandi knew exactly what to do and fast!
She contacted and supervised all the contractors, ( with our approval),  rented the property out at at better profit.
We love her! always so positive and upbeat when we talk to her too!
contact her , you will have a positive experience! AS SEEN ON ANOTHER “FILTERED” REVIEW
Cynthia Castillo

I called Sandi immediately about taking over as property manager for my husbands house in San Jose.  She felt she could not give it proper attention as her focus is in Fremont, Newark and Milpitas.  However, she spent a good deal of her personal time, AT NO CHARGE, going over what I should look for in a property manager, explaining contracts and helping me to find someone who is in San Jose.  Years ago Sandi represented me as buyers agent when I bought my house.  I could not have had a better experience.  Sandi knows her business.  She is straight-forward, HONEST and extremely competent.

Debra Savage, Also shown on a Yelp “filtered” review

We have worked with Sandi for 2 years now and have found her attentive to our needs and quick to reply to any issues we have had. AS SEEN ON ANOTHER YELP “FILERTED” REVIEW
Doug  Y

When I hired Residential Property Management, Sandi gave my bad tenant notice, fixed the property which had been neglected for 10 years by a previous firm and filled the home with a fabulous tenant for much more money.  A smaller personable company that actually cares about the home owner.  Affordable!

Sam McDonald

Contacted Sandi Ohms about managing my property today and I am very happy with her suggestions and response. I am busy so I needed fast, accurate information and a reasonable cost.  Got all three!  The consult was free and she spent considerable time with me.  The tenant calls constantly about one thing or another. I explained that this property is a high maintenance tenant.   She was willing to take it on and respond to all the calls etc.  You can not get better than that!