Property Management FAQs for Property Owners

How much is the leasing fee?

By law, fees are negotiable. Property Management Service’s standard fee is 6% of the gross rent per month and there is a small one time fee to find screen and complete documentation for your new tenant.

Can you start managing my properties today?

Yes. We can start the process immediately. Contact us today to get started.

Does the leasing fee decrease or get waived if it takes them an unreasonably long time to find a tenant?

Property Management Service does not charge a fee if the home is not occupied.

How do you advertise my home?

Yes, Property Management Service will place your home on the multiple listing service and approx. 20 other websites. You can be assured, your property will be fully exposed on the Internet for searchers to easily find.

Are there any restrictions or extra charges for property showings?

No extra charges. Property Management Service agents are available when the tenant is available such weekends. We believe that is a good way to get the best tenant. Most prospective tenants do not like to wait to view a home.

Many companies charge an advertising fee. Does Property Management Service charge an advertising fee?

The advertising and showings are included in the one time finder fee.

Many companies charge lease renewals. Does Property Management Service charge this fee?

No, it is include in the monthly 6% fee.

Will you contact me with an estimate before performing repairs over a pre-defined amount? Is this negotiable?

Yes. Property management service will contact you for approval if the repair is over $500.00. This is negotiable.

Is there an Eviction fee?

Property Management Service charge only what the attorney charges to evict a tenant.

Does your management agreement give you exclusive right to sell my property?

No. We are a full service real estate brokerage and can sell your property for you if you wish, but it is not an obligation for our management agreement.